Technological advances in the dental industry offer increased comfort to patients, along with better diagnostic capabilities to Dr. Hopkins so that he can share images with patients while he plans their treatment.<

Orthoralix 8500 DDE Panoramic X-Ray

Better diagnostics in panoramic imaging begins with recognizing critical aspects of a patient’s anatomy. Dr. Hopkins uses the Orthoralix 8500 DDE digital panoramic system. This technology not only yields the best possible image, but it does so with less radiation. This machine is comfortable for both children and adults, and it is excellent for diagnosing TMJ issues. Patients appreciate how quickly this device takes an x-ray, while features such as temple supports and improved bite guides make it more comfortable than ever before to have a panoramic x-ray taken.

VixWin Platinum X-Ray Program

The VixWin Platinum program combines cutting-edge tools and powerful features that yield crisp, clearly detailed images. VixWin Platinum takes digital imaging to the next level, making it easy for Dr. Hopkins to enhance image clarity and definition for improved diagnostics.

Mouthwatch Intraoral Visual Recording Cameras

MouthWatch reassures patients of the state of their dental health. At Dr. Hopkins office, we are able to show areas of concern with clear and precise visual imaging. Problems can be discussed and examined on a closer level with the ability to capture real-time images of any issues.

Dentrix Dental Management Software

The Dentrix program links a patient’s digital x-rays and intraoral camera pictures to his or her chart. By running his practice more efficiently with this software, Dr. Hopkins can spend more quality time with his patients, which is what he loves to do.